The Church of God

The Church of God is both a monotheistic and dualistic religion.

Followers of this faith believe in the all-encompassing, all-unifying, all-powerful deity, called God. (This is similar to the concept of Brahma in the Hindu religion.) God is the union of two primary aspects, a light aspect, and a dark aspect. Both the light and the dark are worshiped as separate entities, and as part of the total union. Both are considered holy and good. (You will sometimes hear someone exclaim, “By the holy light,” or “By the holy dark!” They belong to The Church of God.)

The Church of God has a top-down organization scheme. The high priest or priestess is elected and installed by a conclave, and serves for life. The high priest or priestess then oversees all clergy of the immediately lesser rank, with each rank overseeing the next lower, and so on. The ultimate authority on matters of faith, though rests with the high priest or priestess.

Many members of the clergy, especially the lower ranks, have day-jobs or some kind of interest other than matters of faith. The clergy can be of any gender or race, can marry, and carry on whatever kind of personal relationships they want, so long as they do so in a manner consistent with Church Faith.

Their holy symbol looks like this

Esoteric symbol

The Church of God

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