Slurm - Plains

Small Aberration
Hit Dice : 4D8 (20 HP)
Initiative : 3
Speed : 40 ft
Armor Class : 16 (
1 Size, +3 Dex, +2 Natural) Touch : 14 Flat-footed : 13
Base Attack / Grapple : +2 / +6
Attack : Tongue / Grapple +5 melee 1D4 + 1 ; Range 20 ; Grapple Check +5; Times 4 tongues
Full Attack : Bite +4 melee 2D6 + 4
Space / Reach : 5 ft. – 20 / 5 ft.
Saves : Fort +2, Ref +6, Wil -1 (Base 1,3,1)
Abilities : Str 14, Dex 16, Con 12, Int 3, Wis 6, Cha 3
Skills : Hide +12 (14), Listen 4, Search +2, Sense Motive +1, Spot +10, Nature Survival +9,
Feats : Improved Grapple
Environment : Grasslands, near rivers or lakes
Organization : Pride of 80 – 100 adults no juveniles; Small Hunting Party 12 -18 adults; Rarely Solitary or Pair
Challenge Rating : 2
Treasure : None
Advancement : 3-4 Hit Dice
Level Adjustment : +1

Combat :
Tongue Attack : Range 20. On successful attack, attempt grapple at +6 competence. If a target begins the round grappled, it may make a grapple check to break free. If it fails, it is dragged 10 feet towards the slurm. Targets who begin the round inside the slum’s mouth are automatically bitten, and there is a 50% chance that whatever was bitten is completely severed. (This could mean a limb, a head, or the entire being, if it is small enough.) Slurms automatically swallow whatever was bitten in combat.

Description :
The word “Slurm” is a portmanteau of the words, “Slime,” and “Worm.” Slurms have a vaguely conical body, which is semi-transparent. The “wide” end is circular, and has the mouth, which is lined with razor-sharp teeth in a dilating aperture formation. Further back into its throat are four long, elastic tongues, each with a heavy, sticky ball at the end. The slurm lashes out with these tongues in order grapple its target, which it can then reel in and dispatch with its teeth. The mouth is surrounded by four eye stalks, similar to a slug or snail’s eyes. Its skin exudes a disgusting slime, and leave a small trail behind it whenever it moves. Its typical “home” locations are often covered in this slime.

Dried slurm slime is known as a very good explosive, if one can manage to harvest it correctly.

Plains slurms are small and weak. They make up for this by being fast, and operating in large groups. Regardless of size or numbers, slurms will never attack anything they perceive as being larger than one size category larger than themselves.

Slurm - Plains

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