Stray Dogs : Javan Jumble

This is Hector’s Pearl, a military-city in the Kingdom of Java. The streets are clean and safe, with a police force primarily composed of veterans of the thirty-year war. The pristine surface, however, conceals a growing unrest. Many who otherwise would lead happy, full, honest lives are left homeless and unemployed in the war’s wake. Few have money, and fewer still have loyalty. Still yet, they maintain appearances; whether or not this is permanent or temporary is unknown. In dark alleyways, criminal alliances are made, betrayed, reforged, shifted, and broken, just as often, in the same manners, and for the same reasons as political alliances.

Rumors rarely contain the whole truth of anything, but they often contain just enough of a grain of truth to be meaningful to a competent investigator. Rumors tell of strange things in strange places in the war’s aftermath, but conveniently absent are speculations of religious or arcane orders’ involvement in current events. Those who would normally be inclined to inquire are instead, paid to investigate picayune matters, such as the private lives of celebrities and other well-known people.

At once, the area seems peaceful and content, enjoying the fruits of its labors. At once, Hector’s Pearl, and seemingly the whole of Java seems perched on the precipice of civil war and self-destruction. Which way will the balance scale tip? Safety or ruin? Even the wisest can not tell, (for they are drowned in booze and don’t give a damn!)

Welcome to the kingdom of Java. It’s a place where nearly anything can – and does – happen.

Be prepared for thrills, spills, ills, windowsills, and the occasional mischievous pixie.

On second thought, let’s not go to the kingdom of Java, It is a silly place! … Right. …

Stray Dog

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