Crunchy sat in darkness, disguised as a lock-box. Se had nothing to do. All was silence. All was loneliness, but for the skeletons. The skeletons never spoke to Crunchy. They hardly spoke at all. Time passed, but nothing ever came or went. Every once in a while, a skeleton would say something, but Crunchy did not comprehend the words. Then the air would stand still, and the silence would come back, and all was loneliness, except for the skeletons.

Crunchy tried to remember. What was that song Liddia used to sing? The song that made the world happy? Se remembered a few notes, “La la, la na da da.” But how did the rest of it go? Crunchy forgot the rest of the song. What was Liddia doing when she sang? Why? Se tried to remember. Was she pruning the rose bushes? Was she singing for her child? No memory. The sword-shelves sat silently. The air sat stagnantly. Who was Liddia, anyway? Crunchy could not remember.

The darkness came, and Crunchy was alone again, except for the skeletons. Crunchy was sad, but could not remember why, and could not remember the significance of sadness. Crunchy tried to make the face-water, but could not. Se did not remember how to make a face. The silence silently mocked Crunchy. The darkness enveloped Crunchy, and se was alone, except for the skeletons.

Time came and went, and Crunchy sat in the darkness. Se was alone, even with the skeletons – those who rarely spoke, and never to Crunchy. The silence permeated all. Crunchy was alone, with, or without the skeletons. Nothing happened. Crunchy was lonely, and loneliness became Crunchy. That was all. Was there really such a thing as Crunchy anymore? Crunchy forgot.

Something happened! A group of entities came to the place. The entities were not the same as the skeletons. They brought something with them. Se remembered that it was called light. Se tried to recall what the things were, but could not. They spoke, and Crunchy comprehended, but could did not know why. They destroyed the skeletons. Crunchy did not know what to do. Se vaguely remembered being told to guard something called, “treasure,” but se did not remember what treasure was. What does it mean to “guard,” anyway?

One of the beings tried to open the box that looked like Crunchy. Another of the beings realized that Crunchy was not a box, and then told the others. Two of the beings struck Crunchy with the hurtful things they used to destroy the skeletons, and pierced Crunchy with flying shafts. Crunchy remembered pain, but did not remember why. Another being waved its hands, said strange words, and a force encircled Crunchy. Se remembered what “hands” were, and what waving was, but forgot the significance of the waving. Crunchy tried to go back to the original self-shape, but the hurt was too great. Se became something else.

The beings said that if Crunchy would not fight them, they would not use the hurtful things. Crunchy did not know the “why,” but agreed anyway. Crunchy did not want the hurts, or to to make hurts. Why would anyone make the hurts? Crunchy did not know. The beings asked Crunchy many things about the place, but se did not remember. They asked Crunchy ser name, but Crunchy forgot ser name. One of the beings said Crunchy was defeated easily. It was the first being to call the Crunchy Crunchy. Crunchy decided that Crunchy would be ser name. Crunchy remembered that there were many things that Crunchy forgot, but se could not remember which things se forgot.

The beings explained the concepts of “value,” and what “treasure” was. Crunchy comprehended. The beings gave Crunchy some treasure. The beings explained what it meant to “guard.” Crunchy remembered. Crunchy should keep the treasure away from the entities that are not supposed to take the treasure! That’s what it meant to “guard.” “Value” is why “guarding” is worth doing! Something else came to Crunchy. Se remembered a shape. The shape was called a “wagon.” Crunchy became the “wagon” shape. Se could now hold the treasure. Se could also go. Se could be in not only one place! Crunchy went forward. Crunchy went in “right circles,” and then went in “left circles.” Crunchy remembered that “right” is “this” way, and “left” is “that” way. Crunchy remembered without trying! If only Crunchy could remember what “happiness” was, or why it was important…

Not being in the place was good. The beings took Crunchy “outside.” Crunchy saw the light, and remembered that the big thing that made all the light was called the “sun.” Crunchy remembered that the sun came and went. Crunchy also remembered that the coming and going of the sun represented time. Crunchy remembered a “day.” That’s one coming and going of the sun! Crunchy looked all about. Se saw something and knew se should remember. What is that thing? What is the color? The color is “blue.” The thing is the “sky.” The sky is the thing that is up, and where the sun is. Crunchy could remember if se tried! All is not in vain, but what is “in vain?”

The beings came to a place where they had to “climb.” They had to put their hands and feet on the rocks, one after the other, in order to go up. The wagon shape was good, but it could not go up. If Crunchy had hands and feet, se could also climb. Se remembered that ser original shape had hands and feet. Crunchy became ser original shape. The treasure went to the ground. Wasn’t Crunchy supposed to guard the treasure? The beings said that it was okay this time. The beings took the treasure, and that was okay, since they were supposed to take the treasure. Crunchy climbed up. Crunchy walked with the entities, and found the event satisfying.


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