This is a list of things I am considering changing. The racial modifications are to make them more playable.

Humans: I am considering giving them additional bonus weapon proficiencies for every point of intelligence modifier above 1. Each proficiency is for a single weapon. Class prohibitions (druid) will still count. Free weapon focus with any one of the chosen weapons. I am also considering replacing the human’s “plus 1 skill point per level” with double skill points per level. Consider giving them one bonus feat every 5th level.

Dwarves: I am considering making “Imbued Masonry” a product and skill completely and totally unique to dwarves. Any dwarf with any degree of arcane spell casting will know how to make “Imbued Masonry.” Also, dwarven “stone-cunning” will yield a +2 bonus for every other level, instead of a flat +2 bonus. Dwarves gain a +1D6 bonus to damage vs orcs and goblinoids if they wield a weapon which has at least a +1 bonus. (Double this if the dwarf is a ranger who’s first favored enemy is orcs or one of the goblinoids.) Free proficiency with any single axe or hammer.

Halflings: At 3rd level, and every other level afterwards, choose one of the following, climb, jump, move silently, listen, saves vs fear, and gain a +2 racial bonus to it, which stacks with all other similar bonuses. At 4th level, and every 4th level afterwards, choose either to-hits with thrown weapons or saving throws, and gain a +1 racial bonus which stacks with all other similar bonuses.

Considering changing how weapon focus works. Instead of giving a +1 bonus to hit and damage, it will raise a character’s base attack bonus (BAB) with respect to the focused weapon. It will improve the base attack progression by one progression category. A wizard taking weapon focus will have an effective base attack bonus for that weapon as if he/she were a rogue of equivalent level. Rogues would likewise have a BAB for the focused weapon equivalent to a fighter’s. A fighter taking the feat would have a BAB for the weapon 1.5 times its normal value (rounded down). A character can take weapon focus no more than once per point of intelligence modifier, and any class features or racial abilities that grant weapon focus count against this limit. Considering limiting weapon focus to no more than once (or perhaps twice) per weapon.

Consider creating a “tribe,” “culture,” or other group of people whereby lycanthrope is NOT considered a disease or curse. Instead, it would be considered a “gift of nature.” A werewolf would be considered as having, “the spirit of the wolf,” as a guardian totem or spirit. This might possibly include entire towns or villages of lycanthropes, or at least some areas which have a very high percentage lycanthropes, and that they are not considered “outsiders,” and are treated as normal people. Consider making such a culture standard in every campaign setting created, and imported to any given pre-made campaign setting. Consider limiting this to humans only, or perhaps extremely rustic elves.

Gladiator Class

Consider adding Spirit Boons as a class feature. A gladiator gets a total number of spirit boons per day equal to his / her gladiator level. Using a spirit boon gives some spell-like ability or effect. Their uses are limited, but using them correctly can give the gladiator exactly the edge they need when they need it.


The Warlock class does not define a minimum value of its prime requisite, charisma, for using invocations. The way the class is currently written, it’s conceivable that a player could build a warlock with an 8 or possibly 6 charisma, and still eventually use the most powerful invocations in the class, not to mention an uninhibited progression of eldritch blast. Such a character would have save DCs a bit easier, but then again, most invocations don’t allow or need a save DC. I think this is a mistake. Consider making the minimum charisma as follows: 12 for least, 14 for lesser, 16 for greater, and 18 for dark.

Another possibility, would be to give the eldritch blast bonus damage based on charisma modifier. This is for the same reason that weapons deal bonus damage for higher strength. So, a level 5 warlock with an 18 charisma would have an eldritch blast which deals 3D6+4 damage.

Consider the use of a feat as allowing a warlock to learn an additional invocation, provided that he / she has met the appropriate level requirement.

Consider the possibility of the feat, “Improved Eldritch Blast,” making the eldritch blast damage based on the D8 instead of the D6. This would have the prerequisite of at least 10 levels in warlock, and a charisma of at least 16.

Considering running a GURPS campaign. Martin would be CO-GM, since I have never run a GURPS campaign before. The game would be totally cliche: Survive the Zombie Apocalypse.

Consider letting players play as themselves in GURPS terms, or to select a pre-made character. In any event, the setting will be San Antonio. This will simplify a great deal of planning issues normally related to setting.


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