Celestial Company

Also Known As: The Holy Host

The Celestial Company is a conglomeration of ascended mortals, each of which led legendary, epic, or otherwise heroic lives. Thus, the basis of faith in the Celestial Company is hero worship.

The Celestial Company has only two holy texts: The Hero’s Homily, and the Scripture of Saints. They record the important life events, accomplishments, battles, victories, losses, death, and whenever possible, actual sayings or other records or documents related to each member of the Celestial Company.

The church has very little structure over all. It convenes a general assembly every five years, to decide who, if anyone deserves admittance into the Celestial Company, and whether or not any of the saints deserve promotion to full hero. Priests / priestesses of the Celestial Company have no rank structure, and each priest / priestess is accorded equal standing in full with the rest of their clergy.

The church also has very little dogma overall. The church is instead concerned with notion of setting examples. The clergy regularly state that what a person does in this life can have echoing effects on those who come afterwards, and those who lived such epic or heroic lives are clear, shining examples of things to either emulate or avoid, each depending on how one interpenetrates the events of the lives of each hero or saint.

Celestial Company

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