Allegedly Intelligent Species

Here’s a list of races available in this setting.

Centauri – Direct from the Dragonlance campaign setting, but without the archaic speech, and the ability to live nearly anywhere.

Dwarves – As per the PHB, but with the addition of the Iron Belly feat. (I am considering giving them fast healing)

Green Elves

Grey Elves – As per the MM and DMG, but with these exceptions.

Halflings – As per the PHB

High Elves – As per the PHB, but with these exceptions.

Humans – As per the PHB, but with the addition of free proficiency with any single weapon of choice.



Stone Elves


Tieflings, Assimars, and those of clear draconnic heritage can be found across the realms, but do not generally make up a distinct racial group.


Species that don’t exist, and are therefore not playable:




Allegedly Intelligent Species

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