Traveler's Cloak

A handy cloak to have if you ever leave home


Traveler’s Cloak is a normal looking cloak, except that it has the following attributes: wearer is always affected as if by the spell endure elements. If the traveler’s cloak is used as a blanket, the wearer only requires half the sleep or meditation time normally required. This always counts as if the wearer actually spent 8 hours resting. The sleep / meditation is comfortable even on uncomfortable ground / surfaces. The wearer can sleep or meditate while in armor without fatigue or any other penalty. The cloak has 8 pockets, each of which function as bags of holding, except that each pocket can only hold 50 lb of weight, and no more than 2 cubic feet of volume. Wounds healing under normal / natural healing heal at double the normal rate. If the traveler’s cloak is worn / used continuously for 8 days, then the wearer is sustained without food or water until the cloak is removed. Once per day the wearer may do each of the following: water breathing, feather fall. Average cost : 10 gold.


Traveler's Cloak

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