Tome of Languages

A book which can impart a language to the reader


The Tome of Languages functions like a Manual of Bodily Health, except as follows:

The Tome of Languages contains a dictionary, alphabet, and grammatical and punctuation rules for a given language. Reading the book does not raise any basic ability. Instead, it imparts into the reader the depicted language. After reading the book, the reader gains the language as another proficient language, and is literate in that language.

After the book has been read, and the magic energies discharged, the book may be re-enchanted to impart the knowledge to another reader. This process takes four weeks, and costs half as much as the base cost for such a book. In order for someone to use this book, they must be first literate in at least one language.

Base Cost : Half the cost of a Manual of Bodily Health +1
Recharge Cost : Half base cost


Tome of Languages

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