Spell Stick

A small stick, about the width of a broom handle, and about 12 inches long, which is broken to activate


Spell sticks are broom handle width pieces of round wood, which are about 12 inches long. Each stick is enchanted with a one-time magical effect, which is keyed at the time of creation. The spell effect in question must in some way influence the breaker. Creating a spell stick is essentially the same as brewing a potion, and only costs 10% more, given the spell.

Spell sticks are activated by breaking them across the middle. This requires a strength check, DC 10. Creatures who have a strength of 18 or greater can ignore this check. Breaking a spell stick takes a standard action, unless the breaker has a strength of 18 or greater, in which case, it’s a free action. A creature or person with a strength of 6 or less can not use a spell stick directly, or without help. Alternatively, a weak breaker could find some way of using leverage or other strength-multiplying effect to break the stick, such as jamming one end in a door frame, and then throwing all of his / her weight onto the other end of the stick at just the right angle.

A spell stick will not function within an area of anti-magic, but will not wink out because of an area of anti-magic. A spell stick can be destroyed by a use of dispell magic.


Spell Stick

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