Security Scabbard

A scabbard for those who don't want their own weapons used agianst them


A Security Scabbard functions as a normal scabbard, but with one added ability. It will refuse to release the contained weapon to anyone, except for the weapon’s owner. If anyone other than the weapon’s owner attempts to draw the weapon, the scabbard will keep the weapon forcibly retained, and the offender will receive a simple telepathic message, stating something similar to the following, “This weapon belongs to X. Respect X’s property.” Subsequent attempts to forcibly remove the weapon from the scabbard will each deal the offender 1D8 force-based damage.

While the weapon remains sheathed in the Security Scabbard, they effectively function as one item. Any spell or effect which affects either one will effect both. The scabbard magically sizes and shapes itself to fit the weapon.

Cost : 400 gold


Security Scabbard

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