Policeman's Quarterstaff

A Quarterstaff that is carried by all uniformed police.

weapon (melee)

In many areas, police are prohibited from carrying military, bladed, flanged or spiked weapons, bows and crossbows. They are allowed to carry clubs, quarterstaves, and blowguns. This particular type of quarterstaff has been enchanted to make quite an impression on an unruly drunk, but also keep him alive so he can be released as soon as he is sober and pays the fine.

This +1 quarterstaff does not deal normal damage. It deals 4D6 + 1 + strength modifier subdual damage, and double that amount on a critical. It also converts any damage dealt via sneak attacks to subdual damage.

Cost: Equivalent to a +2 weapon.

An enhanced version of this weapon uses sonic damage and converts it to subdual, allowing it to ignore armor and shields. This has a cost equivalent of a +3 weapon.


Policeman's Quarterstaff

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