Mystic Tattoos, One-Shot

Mystic Tattoos have a one-time effect, and then vanish.


One-shot Mystic Tattoos are a way of scribing magical effects directly onto a person. Each tattoo must have one specific function which in some way directly effects the wearer / user.

Mystic tattoos have a physical size which is proportional to their power; a level 1 spell would have a tattoo drawn inside a square of one inch at the side; a level 5 spell would require a tattoo which could be inscribed within a square of five inches at the side, etc.

Forming a Mystic Tattoo is a process which requires two steps. First, the tattoo must be pierced into the wearer’s skin. This takes one hour per square inch. Afterwards, the wearer must succeed at a fortitude save, DC 15, or else the tattoo becomes infected, the work is ruined, and the wearer becomes ill for one week per square inch.

After the tattoo’s successful inscription, it must be enchanted. This takes one hour per spell level.

Apart from the above, this is the same as brewing a magical potion, and carries only twice the monetary and supply cost for a given potion. A Mystic Tattoo can not be given to a creature that has skin which can not be penetrated by a needle. A Mystic Tattoo can not be removed, except by a Wish, Miracle, or Modenkanian’s Disjunction. A Mystic Tattoo can not be used in an area of anti-magic, but does not wink out of existence because of it.


Mystic Tattoos, One-Shot

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