Joust of Peace

A magical stone used for realistic training.


A Joust of Peace is a magical item that is used for training. It allows combatants to fight each other with otherwise deadly weapons, spells, skills and techniques, as realistically as possible, but without actually killing each other.

A Joust of Peace consists of a special type of quartz which has been subjected to an obscure magical enchantment process, called a “reality marble.” It is then usually mounted on some kind supporting device, a cane, or is sometimes placed on a necklace.

A Joust of Peace operates by temporarily creating a tiny demi-plane on the astral plane, and allowing teleportation to and from, and scrying into the plane. This allows small “windows” into the demi-plane where observers can watch / monitor the combatants. While the combatants are on the demi-plane, they can attack each other with spells and weapons in a normal fashion. All aspects of reality are exactly duplicated as they relate to combat. Combatants experience combat as realistically as possible, including the sensation of pain. The relevant difference is that if one is “killed” in the demi-plane, they loose consciousness, are teleported back to wherever they were before they entered, and have maximum subdual damage, if it applies to the creature type. Any spells or special abilities that were expended in the “arena” remain expended afterwards.

When a Joust of Peace is first used, it’s owner must use the command word and touch the quartz by hand. At that point, the owner can designate “windows” into the demi-plane. The owner then has the choice of the type of environment to create. The owner can choose between the standard environment, or a custom environment. After that, any combatants that wish to enter must touch the stone. If they do so, they are then teleported into the “arena.” Combatants can not exit the arena unless one of two things has happened first: either the combatant is killed, or has otherwise defeated all enemy combatants.

The standard environment is intended to be a completely neutral “fair grounds” type of environment, which does not give any combatant any special advantages or disadvantages. It has a floor / ground which has a consistency of a soft type of stone, (like soapstone) but is not actually made of stone. In fact, the ground is almost completely translucent. The ground extends infinitely down, and infinitely in all cardinal map directions. Everything above the ground is open space with no obstacles, (cover or concealment) of any kind. The “sky” extends infinitely upwards, and in all cardinal directions. Gravity is normal, and the air above the ground is normal. Magic works normally as well. The “sky” does not have any features in it which could consist of weather, (although they could be created with the right magic.) The “sky” has a comfortable, easy-on-the-eyes diffuse light, which comes from all directions at once, but is otherwise gray and featureless.

The standard environment has the following planar traits:
Normal Gravity; Normal Time; Infinite Size; Magically Morph-able Only – Deities can not use deity-related powers to alter the environment – they must use magic, if any; No Elemental or Energy Traits; Normal Magic

A custom environment is the same as the above environment in terms of gravity, time, size, morph-ability, elemental and energy traits, and the allowance of normal magic. It can, however, create or duplicate any type of terrain features that might be experienced on the prime material plane. This can include a “sun” and “moon,” along with weather. It can create rivers, oceans, mountains, forests, grasslands, tundras, artificial structures, deserts, etc. It can create creatures. It can even duplicate specific locations that actually exist. The only real limitation is the owner’s imagination.


Joust of Peace

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