Jongo's Scabbard

A belt, which aides the ability to carry concealed weapons


Jongo’s Scabbard is the ultimate item for those who wish to carry concealed weapons, but is something of a misnomer. Jongo’s Scabbard always appears as a belt, baldric, or double baldric. Weapons and their scabbards which are attached to the belt / baldric are affected as if by the spell Invisibility while they remain sheathed. This concealment is nearly perfect. It is only defeated by the spells See Invisibility, and True Seeing, and covers up telltale signs of weapon carriage, including bulges and ruffles in the wearer’s clothing, and the sounds related to incidental clanks against hard surfaces. If the weapon is drawn, then the weapon and the scabbard both become visible, except if the user is under the effect of Invisibility or Improved Invisibility. The belt or baldric itself is always clearly visible unless the wearer is also invisible. Additionally, weapons attached to the belt / baldric do not add their weights to the user’s encumbrance while sheathed.

Cost : 200 gold


Jongo's Scabbard

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