Hastebringer Aspect

A Weapon Enchantment Available for Melee Weapons, (Treat as if this was at the back of the DMG)

weapon (melee)

The Hastebringer gives the wielder a significant speed boost and a slight insight into future event while drawn and / or otherwise held in hand. A Hastebringer which is sheathed or packed away does not influence its owner.

The wielder is effected as follows:

The wielder is enveloped with a time-based magical force. The wielder moves faster than normal, has insight into future events, and always takes initiative. The wielder has +10 to base movement speed. The wielder gains a bonus to jump checks as per the Haste spell. The wielder has +6 AC. The wielder has a +2 insight bonus on all to-hit rolls. (This has no effect concerning damage reduction.) The wielder always takes top initiative order without having to roll, and gains an additional “turn” (two standard actions) halfway between top initiative and bottom initiative, for each combat round.

Cost +4 equivalent.


Hastebringer Aspect

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