Druidic Fire Grate

This simple iron grate is used to produce fire without the need for wood.


This simple iron grate produces fire suitable for a simple camp site at the use of the command word, and without the need for wood or other fuel. While active, the grate has a simple fire, and produces heat and light equivalent to what would be produced by a single oak or hickory log of a diameter of 1 foot, and a length of 2 feet.

While active, the iron grate services as a location which is comfortable to a fire elemental. If a fire elemental sits or stands on an active iron grate, then the time which it spends there does not count against the summon spell’s duration. Any fire elemental summoned into the area of the iron grate or any adjacent square is 1 size category larger than normal.

An iron grate can also be deactivated with a simple command word. Any such iron grate is immediately cool to the touch when deactivated, (but the same may not be true of other equipment used in conjunction with it.)

Construction of this item requires an odd mixture of arcane and druidic magic, but is not difficult to do by competent casters who work well together.

Average Cost : 30 Gold

In spite of their cost, these items are fairly widespread, since they completely eliminate the need for firewood. The wealthy typically have one for each room or fireplace, and most peasants are willing to save up a great deal of money to buy one. Armies buy and use them, but not as extensively as other gear.


Druidic Fire Grate

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