Canteen of Montblank

Enchanted water canteen


This is a normal steel canteen that has a minor enchantment placed upon it. Water, or any other normal drink placed in the canteen will be kept cool and safe to drink under any circumstances. It will not, however, purify or otherwise make safe to drink any liquid which is not already potable. Whenever at least one full gulp is taken, the drink will have the effect of the spell remove disease, at a 50% likelihood, will cure 1D4 hit points at a 50% likelihood, removes the effects of severe fatigue, and grants the imbiber the effect of endure elements for one hour. Once per day, the canteen will fill itself with clean, potable water.

Average cost : 10 silver.

Most armies are willing to subsidize the purchase of these items for their members.


Canteen of Montblank

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