Candle Crystals

A small glass sphere or octahedron, enchanted to produce light


A Torch Crystal is a large bead of pure, clear crystal which is enchanted to emit light. Typical shapes are either spheres or regular octahedrons. It can emit light in intensities ranging from a dim candle to a bright torch. In well developed areas, they have replaced candles as a means of illumination. Most peasants can afford to buy at least one or two. Adventurers have been known to enchant them so that they orbit the shaft or tip of a weapon in a manner similar to the way an ioun stone orbits the owner’s head.

Average Cost : 3 silver.

Armies use these extensively due to the fact that they don’t need to be replaced after a given length of use, can’t be blown out, and do not present a flame hazard when operating near sources of black powder.

Sailing and airship vessels use these in lieu of candles to comply with open-flame regulations.

They can also be placed into a glass globe within a metallic housing to produce an item similar to a hooded or bull’s eye lantern at a slightly greater cost.


Candle Crystals

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