Azoth Dagger

Dagger with an affinity for arcane characters

weapon (melee)

An Azoth Dagger is a special type of dagger which has an affinity for arcane spell-casters. An Azoth Dagger will not fight for someone who does not have at least a rudimentary arcane spell casting or invocation ability. If someone who has no arcane ability attempts to use an Azoth Dagger, it will immediately slip from his / her grip and fall to the ground.

If the user is an arcane spell-caster, an Azoth Dagger will function normally. Azoth Daggers are always considered to be at least masterwork quality. Azoth Daggers may be enchanted as per the standard rules for magical item enchantment. Even if a given dagger is not enchanted, so long as it has at least one charge, it is considered to have a +1 enhancement bonus. It is traditional for the creator of an Azoth Dagger to etch or inlay his / her arcane mark prominently, and to posses no more than one Azoth Dagger at a time.

An Azoth Dagger has one fundamental capability; When the dagger successfully strikes an opponent in melee combat, the user may, as a free action, expend one or more of the dagger’s charges to deal additional damage. The owner may spend one hour in a simple arcane ritual to impart one charge to the dagger. Only one charge may be given to a dagger per day. Charging the dagger is optional.

When charges are expended in combat, the dagger deals an additional 1D4 damage per spent charge, divided any way the owner wishes amongst the five basic magical damage types, (sonic, acid, fire, cold, electricity). Spending the dagger’s charges is always optional, and when charges are spent, the owner may spend any number of charges, up-to-and-including the total number of charges present. Magical damage dealt by spending charges stacks with other damage types, (sneak-attack, Frost, Flaming, etc,) and is multiplied together in the event of a critical.

Cost to create : 10 gold


Azoth Dagger

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