Adventurer's Bane Aspect

A magical melee weapon enchantment, which most adventurers dread.

weapon (melee)

This weapon enhancement is loathed by most adventurers. Each time an opponent is struck with an adventurer’s bane weapon, that opponent must succeed at a will save, DC 10 + the total damage dealt before any damage reduction, resistance, or immunity effects take place. A failed save requires that the DM roll 1D6 to randomly select amongst the target’s 6 most valuable pieces of equipment currently carried. The selected item is teleported to a random plane of existence. A successful save negates this effect.

If the target has fewer than 6 items carried, then the DM should reduce the die size to accommodate the difference. Teleported items may be recovered if they can be found.

The cost to create is equivalent to a standard +3 cost.

This aspect can possibly come with an additional attribute which will remove this aspect from the weapon in the event that the weapon is removed from its owner, or the owner is killed. In this case, the weapon has a cost equivalent of a +4 cost.


Adventurer's Bane Aspect

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