Stray Dog

The Story Begins

In the Beginning...

Everyone is currently at the Niwatori Tavern in the city of Hector’s Pearl. Across the street is the Chicken Inn. Occasionally, you see the innkeeper look out the window at someone else across the street, who is also looking out a window. They make obscene gestures at each other. It might merely be a prank that competing innkeepers play with each other in this city, or it might be something deeper. It’s hard to tell which, though.

The common area is about half full with various travelers and other adventurers. The people in this room show a fairly even mix of the sentient races in this area. Judging by the clothing and equipment, it’s also reasonable to surmise that they come from a wide variety of professions. Some are munching quietly on meals, others are reading, while still yet, most are engaged in conversation.

On the south wall, you notice a bulletin board. All sorts of things are posted there. These are the things that seem to stand out the most.


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